TMSG: Family Dog Saves 3-Year-Old That Wandered Away From Home

A pit bull named Buddy is being hailed a hero for the protection of his 3-year-old owner.

Authorities were made aware of the boy's disappearance when his scared mother called 911 and reported that the child was missing along with the family dog.

Officers and a K9 unit from Suwannee Correctional Institution started searching for the missing boy until a neighbor called to say the child had been found. But, Buddy the dog was being very protective and wouldn't let strangers near his human companion.

In bodycam footage shared by WCTV Eyewitness News, Buddy can be seen leading deputies to the missing child when they arrive on scene. Police shared that the family is doing well now and the child was not hurt in the ordeal.

Sheriff Sam St. John told a local news outlet, "It was such a good ending to something that could have been tragic. We're all the time putting out tragic news. I'm telling you, it feels so good, so good to tell a good story."