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Arkansas Keith Shares His Thoughts About Bobby's New Girlfriend

Arkansas Keith is Bobby Bones' step father or as Bones says 'the man who had to serve his time with me for 7 years.' Arkansas Keith was married to Bones mother for a few years and one of the only father-figure type person in Bones life. Despite Arkansas Keith and Bones' mother getting a divorced, he and Bones still keep in constant contact.

Whenever Bones visits Arkansas, he will see Arkansas Keith. Recently, Bones went back to his hometown for a big event at his high school. He was going to town to go to the local basketball game, as well as give new basketball shoes to the team in person. During his visit, Bones brought with him his new girlfriend Caitlin so she could see where he grew up. The two of them went to dinner with Arkansas Keith and that was Arkansas Keith's first time meeting Caitlin. He had nothing but good things to say about Caitlin. Arkansas Keith shared that she was very nice and Bones is smiling an awful lot lately so he likes that. Arkansas Keith also commented that Caitlin is very athletic, so he thinks that's good for Bones as well.

When asked if he thought Bones and Caitlin would be together for years to come, he said that Bones seems happy so that's all that really matters.