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Finding Your Voice. Affirmations. Benefits of CBD. The Grey Area.

FIRST THING: Did you know that it is proven that people who write 5-10 minutes a day can drastically improve their immune systems?? Ally Fallon{@allyfallon} best selling author, writing coach and founder of Find Your Voice{@LetsFindYourVoice} is here to talk with Amy about the benefits of writing and shares practical advice for getting started. SECOND THING: You are awesome. You are beautiful. Good job today. “Affirmations are powerful because they help us replace the negative voice in our head with a positive one.” Ally Fallon shares all of the benefits of daily affirmations. THIRD THING: Erin Crawford{@innately_nourished} a Holistic Nutrition Consultant came to answer all of your CBD questions! She shares what it is, the benefits and what to look for when buying it! FOURTH THING: Celebrity trainer, Erin Opera{@erinoprea}, is here to talk all things fitness! She shares about her new app “Pretty Muscles” and her latest StepBet challenge. 

(Episode 120)

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