Garth Brooks Talks About The Biggest Moment From Each Decade Of His Career

Garth Brooks has been in the country music scene since the 80s and his career is still hitting new heights. He stopped by The Bobby Bones Show shortly after hearing he was going to receive a massive award to talk about his upcoming stadium shows, as well as directing his music video for "Dive Bar" with Blake Shelton.

2020 is shaping up to be another huge year for Brooks. Billboard announced that Brooks will be the first country artist to receive their coveted Icon Award at the 2020 ceremony. The award marks Brooks 20th Billboard Music Awards win and he credits it all to the country music community. He told Bobby Bones that he's incredibly thankful for country radio and the country music fanbase who got him to the point where this award is possible. Not only will he be kicking off the beginning of 2020 with this big win, Brooks is still having massive success on his tours. He's on a stadium tour currently and just announced new dates for the year, which are the fastest sell-outs he's had on his stadium tours ever. Despite doing stadium shows, Brooks says he's not going to stop doing the "Dive Bar Tour." This is no surprise as Brooks will do anything for his fans, so much so that he'll play a free stadium show when he feels they've been wronged. Brooks is long known for his dislike of scalpers and has always tried to look out for the fans when buying tickets to his shows. After a bad incident involving scalpers for his Dallas, Texas stadium shows, he decided to perform his 4th concert there for free. As if all of these things weren't enough, Brooks teased that he will be announcing his 2 most historic shows of his entire career in the coming months.

When looking back on his career as an artist, Bones noted that Brooks is the first artist to chart hits in every decade since the 1980s. So the two of them looked back on his long career, having Brooks share different big moments from each decade. Talking about the 80s, Brooks shared that this is the time he got his first check as an artist and it was $10,000. He said up until that moment, he had only made around $9,000 a year with his other jobs so to get one check for over that much was crazy. In the 90s, Brooks hosted Saturday Night Live for the first time and he remembered doing the show with Will Ferrell and John Goodman who made it all go down with ease. The 2000s were the year that Brooks announced his retirement. Before his announcement, his team tried to talk him out of using the word "retirement," but he didn't know any other way to describe that he was going away for an indefinite amount of time. The retirement word didn't kick in to him until an 18-year-old kid went up to him at the grocery store asking him to go back on tour at some point so he could see Brooks play live. Looking at the last decade of the 2010s, Brooks says his songs are what he rediscovered to bring him back. When he realized that his songs "made the leap of time," he knew that he could comeback. He noted that his songs "We Shall Be Free," "That Summer," and "Beaches Of Cheyenne" get better responses now than they ever did before.

Besides his massive career, Brooks remains arguably one of the most humble men in the industry. He likes to call himself "Mr. Yearwood" as a nod to his wife Trisha Yearwood, who he always says has more talent than him. So Bones decided to do some 'Hot Takes' with Brooks to show off the other side of him that many don't always get to see. Here's his answers:

  • Over or under with the toilet paper? Over.
  • Can you recline the airplane seat? Yes, it's my plane.
  • Which way do you button up a shirt? I start in the middle, then up, then down.
  • Do you call a shirt a button-up or button-down? I call it a Wrangler.
  • Is a hot dog a sandwich? No.
  • Is cereal a soup? No.
  • Morning or night showers? Both.
  • Does ranch belong on pizza? Yes.