TMSG: Married Couple Gets to See Stolen Wedding Photos After 35 Years

Mick and Tracey Hepworth were left devastated back in 1985 when thieves swiped a handbag containing a roll of film from their wedding.

The Hepworths gave up any hope of ever seeing the sentimental photographs again. But what they didn't know is that back in the day Angie McHale had picked up the handbag that night and had the snaps developed. She didn't have a way of tracing the people in the photographs, so she just stored them away in case. McHale was about to move again and as she was packing, she came across the stored photos again. So she posted them to Facebook in hopes of asking if anybody knew who they might belong to.

Within hours, McHale was connected to the rightful owners. So the original photograph owners and McHale met up to get the photographs back home. Tracey shared with a news outlet,

“We will be celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary on 6th July 2020. It was a thoughtful gesture for what was a complete stranger, Angie Mac, to decide to track down the owner of the photos. We have sadly lost some family from these photos but its a lovely reminder of them and I’m sure it’s brought a smile to their faces as it has done for us and all our family. It just shows Facebook can be used for good and I was completely surprised at how many comments there were wanted to know if we were still together. Happily we are so the story did have a happy ending.”

Photo: Getty Images