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Caroline Bryan Hates When Husband Luke Bryan Slurps His Coffee

The Bobby Bones Show has been having guest hosts in place of Lunchbox, who is out on paternity leave with his wife and Baby Box 2. Today (March 2) the show brought on Caroline Bryan, Luke Bryan's wife.

Caroline talked with the show about how she met her husband, along with stories about their life together. She shared the story of them meeting in college from her perspective, noting that she saw a guy with this big smile waving at her across the bar and she was like "What in the world!?" After talking with him, she said she couldn't help but laugh because he was just so funny. That was about 16 years ago now and the two of them did spend some time apart, but then got back together right after Bryan got a record deal.

When asked what her least favorite song of Luke's is, she shared it's "Rain Is A Good Thing" and Luke would probably hate her for saying that. She continued by sharing the things she likes most about Luke and the least. She loves his heart and his laugh, but she really dislikes that he always slurps his coffee.

Watch Caroline Bryan guest host for a full hour on The Bobby Bones Show here.