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The Latest Draft Had Us Picking Our Favorite Reality Stars

The Bobby Bones Show's arguably most popular segment is back! The drafts of all different things. The show will only be doing 1 draft a week instead of 2 a week. Today's draft (March 9) was a draft of our favorite reality stars.

The show had to make their top picks for 'Reality Stars:'

Amy's picks:

  • Round 1: Kelly Clarkson
  • Round 2: Khloe Kardashian
  • Round 3: Miranda Lambert

Lunchbox's picks:

  • Round 1: Carrie Underwood
  • Round 2: Harry Styles
  • Round 3: Honey Boo Boo

Eddie's picks:

  • Round 1: Kim Kardashian
  • Round 2: Johnny Bananas
  • Round 3: Willie Robertson

Morgan2's picks:

  • Round 1: Lauren Conrad
  • Round 2: Snooki
  • Round 3: Simon Cowell

Raymundo's picks:

  • Round 1: Chris Harrison
  • Round 2: Jessica Simpson
  • Round 3: Paris Hilton

Bobby's picks:

  • Round 1: Donald Trump
  • Round 2: Luke Bryan
  • Round 3: Andy Cohen

Everyone was back in this draft round since Caroline Bryan (guest host) lost while in Lunchbox's place. Now we need your help, who has the best draft picks? Help us by voting below!

For the 2020 Drafts, here are the winners so far: