Amy's Pile: FAU Student Gov. Creates Initiative To Protect Students At Bars

The Florida Atlantic University Student Government found a unique way to help women in bars if they ever feel they are in danger or uncomfortable.

By ordering a drink called the "Owl Shot," women can alert the bartenders that they're not in a safe situation whether it's from a date or just a stranger in the bar. Students or patrons can order the shot to a bartender in one of three ways:

  • Owl Shot Neat: They need an escort to their car
  • Owl Shot On The Rocks: They need a ride called for them
  • Owl Shot With Lime: Student is potentially in dangerous situation and want police to be called.

The code words are displayed on posters that have been distributed by members of Student Government. The posters are found in the restroom, with instructions on how to discreetly ask employees for help. Student Government members like Alejandra Rodriquez took the time to go door-to-door asking managers of bars and restaurants to join the new safety initiative.

Now, more than a dozen bars and restaurants in Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton area offer the shot, which is named after the school's mascot.

Photo: Getty Images