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Getting Creative. Give it a Week. Empowering Women. A Poem by Maya Angelou.

FIRST THING: Brit Morin{@brit} from Brit +Co{@britandco} is on a mission to help women be more creative. She focuses on teaching women how to find time for themselves and how to never stop evolving and learning new things...and who doesn't need more of that? SECOND THING: Give it a week! Give what a week?? Anything! Brit talks about how for a whole year she tried something new every single week. Including fitting her trash for the week into a mason jar to sewing to drinking more water! Could you do it? THIRD THING: Are you looking for ways to empower the women in your life or globally? Amy shares ways to help, from supporting women owned businesses to even just helping them have access to clean water. FOURTH THING: If you’re in need of some empowerment, then Amy has just what you need. In this thing she read “Phenomenal Woman” a poem by Maya Angelou, that is sure to leave you feeling inspired. 



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(Episode 124)

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