Food World: Taco Bell Debuts Longest Shell Ever With Triplelupa

Taco Bell just dropped their longest shell in Taco Bell history with the Triplelupa. And no it's not one giant shell, it's three mini shells formed together to create one masterpiece.

The Triplelupa is the latest addition to Taco Bell's lineup. In a press release, Kristine Futalan, Associate Manager of Research & Development at Taco Bell shared that the nationwide launch is giving the company the opportunity to celebrate the transformation of their beloved menu item. The Triplelupa combines three mini chalupas to create the long shell. Each of the mini shells have different flavors: Nacho Cheese on one end, Chipotle on the other, and a combination of the two called Cheesy Chipotle in the middle.

This new delicious item is available for a limited-time only at $3.49 plus tax and debuts today (March 12).