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Bobby & His Girlfriend Found A Way To Help Homeless In Nashville

Yesterday (March 24) on The Bobby Bones Show, Bobby Bones shared that his girlfriend Caitlin was trying to find a way to help the homeless in the Nashville community after a conversation she had with one of them. She was running errands when she talked with a homeless person who said that things were particularly more difficult lately because there weren't as many people on the road to help them.

So Caitlin reached out to Amy and they talked about what they could do to help. She went to the grocery store and bought a bunch of items so she could put together bags to give them out to those who were struggling. Bones helped Caitlin in putting together the bags which included fresh fruit, nutrition bars, a wash cloth, soap, and a couple of dollars. The bags were put together based on the information provided by Home Street Home TN. If you want to help the homeless in your community during this time like Bones and Caitlin, head to Bones Instagram page to see how they put together their bags.