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Surviving COVID-19: Awareness. Self Care. Family + Friends. Productivity.

FIRST THING: Therapist Kathryn Defatta{@threecordstherapy}, is back to help us try to survive the crazy times that we are in with the Coronavirus pandemic! In a time of so much uncertainty, how do we stay aware of how we are feeling? Kathryn shares tips for taking care of your emotions and letting them act as a guide. SECOND THING: Lets just be real, we could all use a little self-care right now! In our ‘normal’ lives we may already know how to have time for self-care and self-maintenance, but how do we keep up with taking care of ourselves during quarantine?? THIRD THING: It is more important now than ever to stay connected with friends and family? So how do we do this when we are told to stay in our homes?? Amy & Kathryn share ways to stay connected and how we can focus on gratitude still. FOURTH THING: For many of us, our normal routines may not to work from home or stay in the house all day…so how can we stay productive even if we don’t feel like it? Kathryn has some advice for accomplishing tasks and getting stuff done! 


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(Episode 128)

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