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Surviving Quarantine. Best Night of Sleep. A Hopeful Reminder. OUTWEIGH.

FIRST THING: Surviving quarantine with your spouse(or anyone) could get, lets be real…a little tricky! Amy’s husband Ben is on to discuss how we actually shouldn’t just be trying to survive right now and ways to live your life to make the most of quarantine. SECOND THING: We could all use an extra dose of hope and inspiration right now and so Amy shares a great quote as a reminder to not take the small things for granted. THIRD THING: We all need & love a good nights sleep, but sometimes it just seems so hard to do! Amy shares tips and facts to help you catch some serious zzz’s. FOURTH THING: Amy reads an email by Lisa from @thewellnecessities about disordered eating and the times were in. She also plays the trailer for the new series she is releasing called “Outweigh”!!! 


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(Episode 130)

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