Amy's Pile: Power Ranger Gives Out Toilet Paper & Cash At Walmart

Roberto Fernandez is a masked vigilante, dressing as a power ranger to help the fight against COVID-19.

In a YouTube video, Fernandez is seen wearing a red power ranger suit hanging out toilet paper and cash to those in need. The video has gained almost 4,000 views since being published. He gave out around 20 rolls of toilet paper and $80 in cash at Walmart while on video. He told WALB News 10, “I was reading that some people lost their jobs and because of all the coronavirus thing going on. So I just thought a little bit of money would also help them out,” and he continued sharing why the suit, “A little bit behind the Power Ranger suit is because I had bought it for my son’s birthday party because he was really into Power Rangers, so I got it custom made. When I put on the suit for my son, he was so happy. So, since my son was happy, I figured other kids would be happy too and they were."

This one time won't be Fernandez last in handing out items to those in need. He said people have reached out to him, offering to donate items to give away.

Photo: Getty Images