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Ep. 1 of OUTWEIGH: A Series Exposing the 'Grey Area' of Disordered Eating

In this first episode of the series, Amy explains the birth story of OUTWEIGH. Lisa and Amy get raw about how language matters, giving details from their own personal lives how intended compliments towards their bodies ended up reinforcing unhealthy behaviors. Lisa opens up with her personal disordered eating story with orthorexia-sharing how it began and hid perfectly beneath seemingly innocuous "healthy habits" as well as fundamental changes she made to overcome it. She also shares her heartfelt letter to her younger self.

We’re joined by our first expert, eating disorder therapist Jennifer Rollin (@jennifer_rollin) who explains what disordered eating is and how you can best care for yourself or a loved one you witness struggling. We'll also have two special guests, Andrea and Claire bravely share their personal stories and powerful letters to their younger selves. Amy closes out with helpful tips to surviving COVID quarantine talk without drowning in diet culture noise. 


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