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About Morgan2

What's up! It's Morgan, otherwise known as Morgan2. When I first joined the show back in 2017 there was another Morgan, she was the head producer. So Bobby decided it was best to label us with a 1 and 2 so everyone could keep us straight. Now, despite the other Morgan leaving the show, I'm still known as Morgan2 because it just stuck.

I'm the youngest on the show and with that comes great responsibility. I make fun of Eddie and Lunchbox's dad jokes and help to keep everyone on trend with what's happening with the young people in my segment "What 26 Year Olds Care About." I also really, really, really love food so I do a segment that's legitimately all about food in "Food World with Morgan2."

Sometimes on the show I open up about my sporadic love life. I started off on the show in a very serious relationship, went through the break-up, and now detail my adventures of my, sometimes non-existent, dating life. You never know which turn my dating life will take week to week.

When I'm not busy behind the computer covering The Bobby Bones Show social media pages, you'll find me binging movie series like The Marvel Movies and Star Wars, at the bars on Broadway in Nashville, or hiking with my rescue dog Remi. I make sure to document *most* of my life on my social media pages so if you think you can keep up, follow me on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook!