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About Raymundo

What's up ya'll it's Szn. I'm a 34-year-old alpha male from the north. I recently got engaged to Bae and we plan to get married in October at a private ceremony in the country. Currently we are the parents to 23 eggs that Bae froze, so someday we can have a couple kids.

I also have a cat with Bae who we named Pablo. I'm basically Joey from 'Friends' whenever I come on the show. I try to keep it pretty chill and not take myself too seriously. I co-wrote one song called "Baecation" and ever since then everyone associates me with White Claw Hard Seltzer. I'm also part of the spinoff hit The Sore Losers Podcast. On that show, I'm known as "The Gambler" who always gives a lock to bet on.

I've recently tried to become more zen, and I never miss a sunset. Follow me on instagram @sznraymundo. Be blessed and let me know if you need that Bovada link ;)