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About Lunchbox

Lunchbox is a married man now and the proud father of two amazing sons. Lunchbox grew up in the mean streets of Austin, Texas where he was a member of the Little White Criminals. After being crowned Prom King in high school he took his talents south to The University of Texas at San Antonio. With 3 hours left to get his degree in Speech Communication and Public Relations he said goodbye to college and hello to The Bobby Bones Show.

Lunchbox has been part of the show for almost 17 years and calls himself the MVP of The Bobby Bones Show. He says he is happy where his career has taken him he is still disappointed his dream of being on MTV's The Real World never came true. You might recognize Lunchbox from his appearance on Jerry Springer, Friday Night Lights, or Celebrity Family Feud. 

Lunchbox is like a fungus, you will slowly grow on you. The Man, The Myth, The Legend, that is Lunchbox.