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About Amy

Amy: a mom, a wife, and co-host of The Bobby Bones Show & The Country Top 30 with Bobby. She also hosts The Women of iHeart Country and her podcast, “4 Things with Amy Brown."

Aside from her “on-air” career, she is the co-founder of#PIMPINJOY (a movement that's all about choosing joy & spreading joy) and ESPWA (a clothing & accessories line that benefits organizations in Haiti). Amy and her husband adopted 2 kids from Haiti in 2017, so Haiti will always have a very special place in Amy's heart.

Raising two kids, being a wife, and working full-time keeps Amy busy...but in her free time you'll find her outside on a walk or a hike if the weather is right, watching something awesome on Netflix, using her waffle maker, doing some yoga, or on a really good day: reading a book on the couch with a matcha latte!