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Dustin Lynch Says He's Learned A Lot About His Girlfriend During Quarantine

Today (April 8) Dustin Lynch dropped his most expensive music video he's ever shot for his song "Momma's House." He talked on The Bobby Bones Show about the new music video plus how quarantine is going for him and his girlfriend.

The music video for "Momma's House" caused some back and forth between Lynch and his label because of all the expenses. They planned to do a lot of explosions and fires in the music video and with that comes a lot of costs. Lynch says it was all worth it though, the music video turned out really well. He says during the bar scene the flames were definitely real and at one point that almost burned him during shooting.

Besides the drop of his new music video, Lynch has been spending all of his time quarantined at his house with his girlfriend. He shared it's the most time they've gotten to spend together in their relationship. Despite being together so much, they haven't had any need to have space from each other. They have been having fun learning to cook for each other and he's liked learning her mannerisms. Lynch has also been spending some time virtually writing songs while cooped up at home.