What 26 Year Olds Care About: Everything You Need To Know About Quibi



The new streaming service Quibi is officially here with a lot of stardom attached to it. And it's announced "kwib-ee" if you're wondering.

The streaming platform is subscription based for $5.00 a month if you can handles some ads, if not it will run you $8 a month. And if you sign up in April, you can get a three-month free trial. The videos will change with how you hold your phone - if you want to watch vertical, it can fit vertically. If you want to swap it to horizontal, it can do that too. They refer to this as "turnstyle" mode where the video adapts to your movement. The programs are designed to deliver short-form scripted and unscripted content to your cell phone. Each show will run roughly seven to ten minutes in length. There's comedy, drama, reality shows, documentaries, and even news.

Quibi is currently dividing its content into three major buckets "Movies In Chapters" where projects will run between two-and-a-half hours each season, divided in to 12 to 14 daily episodes. A new "Movie In Chapters" will be shared on average, every two weeks, the current one running is Most Dangerous Game featuring Liam Hemsworth. Then there are "Unscripted and Docs" which will include reality shows, documentaries, and competition shows. These shows will be self-contained and have a recurring format and host. The current one being pushed is Thanks A Million starring Jennifer Lopez and Kevin Hart who are handing out $100,000 to ten deserving people over the course of the episodes. And lastly there will be a dozen "Daily Essentials," which are short bursts of news, entertainment, and lifestyle content from NBC, the BBC, TMZ, The Dodo, E! among several others.

Photo: Getty Images