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Ep. 2 of OUTWEIGH: A Series Exposing the 'Grey Area' of Disordered Eating

In the second episode of Outweigh, Amy tells it all with her personal eating disorder story and letter to self, diving into the details of why most therapists couldn’t get through to her, and the book and concept that finally made it “click.”  Special guest Meri Barnes (@meri_) pops on to share how excited she is to travel with Amy now that she’s willing to experience eating at different places and be flexible. Lauren, our volunteer guest bravely shares her personal stories and powerful letter to her younger selves. We're joined by two Registered Dietitians Brenna O’Malley (@thewellfull) and Karen Neunzig. Karen explains what a binges is and why it happens, and the role of a registered dietitian in eating disorders. Brenna shines light on the negative side effects of social media and disordered eating and provides tools on how to create a positive diet culture free social media experience. At the end of the episode a previous recording that Lisa and Amy did with Kathryn Defatta (@threecordstherapy) that dives into more of Amy's personal story. 


Brain over Binge book 

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