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Ep. 3 of OUTWEIGH: A Series Exposing the 'Grey Area' of Disordered Eating

In the third episode of Outweigh, Lisa and Amy get into how we don’t need to abandon exercise and “healthy” eating after struggling with disordered eating, but we do need to shift our relationship to them. In this episode, you’ll learn the truth about why counting calories doesn’t work, how exercise addiction happens (and how to spot it), and how food freedom for Amy has brought so much joy into her home. We’re joined by trainer Kaitlyn Wozinak (@kaitlindinneh), a fitness instructor that that helps women celebrate their bodies through movement. She shares how we can find motivation without focusing solely on weight loss and you can spot obsessive behavior around exercise. We’ll also speak with Alexis Joseph, founder of Alchemy Brand and Hummusapien, (@hummusapien). Alexis shares her story of orthorexia and how her all day cafe has changed as her relationship to food and philosophy evolved. Our special guests are Chef Laura Lea (@lauraleabalanced) and Rachel, who bravely share their personal stories of how they overcame disordered eating and how they fought and continue to fight each day. Get your free self worth worksheet over at

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