Amy's Pile: Ticketmaster Issuing Live Event Refunds

Ticketmaster is currently in the process of getting refunds to fans for canceled or rescheduled events. They shared on a website blog noting that fans have been "understandably frustrated and confused" with everything going on.

As the world continues to navigate the impact of COVID-19, events are still being rescheduled or canceled. The company opened up on their blog about the situation.

They shared that as of March 1, 55,000 events in their systems were scheduled to take place between March 1 and the end of 2020. Most of these events have already been impacted in some way by the restrictions on large public gatherings. 12,000 of the events have already been canceled and they are actively issuing refunds to every one of the purchasers of those events. Roughly 5,000 events have already been rescheduled, and organizers have authorized them to issue refunds to customers who request them. Of the remaining 14,000 events, promoters are working on rescheduling options and if none are viable, the events will be canceled and then the company can start issuing any refunds.

They noted after sharing this information as they navigate the crazy terrain,

Let me reiterate: neither our clients, nor Ticketmaster, intend to withhold refunds on postponed shows.In fact, as of today, both Live Nation Entertainment and AEG Live, two of our largest event organizers, have announced they will begin to provide refunds, on a rolling basis, for all events impacted by COVID-19.

Photo: Getty Images