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Kane Brown Won't Let His Wife Cut His Hair In Quarantine

Kane Brown just dropped his new song "Cool Again" exclusively for radio. This is the first time Brown didn't let anyone else hear the song first before it was released. Normally, Brown will post teasers to his social media pages before the song comes out, but not this time.

While talking to The Bobby Bones Show, Brown shared some backstory behind the song. He said when it was originally written, "Cool Again" was intended to be about a break up, but with the times we're in right now, he feels like it's more of a pandemic song. The chorus of the lyrics read, "Cause I just want to be cool again // Like we were last summer."

Dropping new music isn't all that Brown is up to during quarantine though, Brown is spending a lot of time with his wife Katelyn, their daughter, and Katelyn's mother. He shared that Katelyn's mom has been with them since the beginning of everything. She quit her job, then drove down and has helped in being "kind of a nanny" for them. She will watch their daughter so that Kane and Katelyn can have some alone time. They really enjoy having a family member being able to watch their daughter when they are unable to, because it feels safer.

Brown confessed that his hair is longer than it's ever been. Even his beard is "touching his lips," but that won't stop him from keeping his wife from cutting it. He said no one has ever cut his hair besides his barber, and he doesn't want to start now. As far as television binges like the rest of the world is doing, Brown said they've watched "Tiger King" and "Ozark" like everyone else, plus shows "The 100," "Outer Banks," and several movies.