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Ep. 4 of OUTWEIGH: A Series Exposing the ‘Grey Area’ of Disordered Eating

In the 4th episode of OUTWEIGH, Lisa + Amy discuss weight stigma, fear foods, and how we can prioritize health without making it all about the weight.The episode kicks off with Abby, who works on the Bobby Bones Show and helped to produce Outweigh. Abby opens up by sharing how much Outweigh resonated with her own struggles- which were unbeknownst to both Lisa and Amy and serves as the perfect reminder that we can’t predict who’s struggling. Lisa breaks down inner and outer wisdom- the core principles behind her modern mindful eating philosophy she teaches in Fork The Noise. 


They’re joined by expert Dr. Joshua Wolrich (@drjoshuawolrich) who explains what weight stigma is and the dangers. Dr. Wolrich challenges the statement “you need to lose weight” and explains how weight stigma negatively impacts patient care. Finally, we hear two personal stories from Kaitlin and Caroline (@carohobby) who open up about how their desire to control their bodies dictated all their decisions, and how they shifted gears to find freedom and happiness. FREE ACCESS TO F*RK FEAR FOODS — .


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