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Sister Time. Pink Hair. OUTWEIGH Follow-up. Healthcare Hero Shout Out.

FIRST THING: Amy’s sister Cristi is here to talk about how she is dealing with homeschooling her 4 kids and this season of life! Lots of laughs and youtube kid recommendations, yay! SECOND THING: Since most people are hanging out at home, now is the perfect time to get a little crazy and try something new and fun with you hair! Amy’s best friend Meri is on to talk about the new hair trend of temporarily dying your hair pink!! They also share awesome mothers day gift ideas. THIRD THING: Lisa{@thewellnecessities} is back to recap the OUTWEIGH series and offer some tips for those who are continuing to work through disordered eating. FOURTH THING: Time for another Healthcare Hero Shoutout and this weeks superstar is Rachel!!! Thank you so much for all you and your family do! 



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Kristin Ess Pink Hair Spray CLICK HERE!

Mothers Day gifts CLICK HERE!

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(Episode 142)

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