Morgan2 Is Cooking Up Big Company Recipes In Food World: Quarantine Edition

Morgan2 normally talks about her love of food in Food World on The Bobby Bones Show. Since the coronavirus pandemic hit, she decided to take Food World to her home in a cooking series she's been posting to her IGTV page called Food World: Quarantine Edition.

So far Morgan2 has cooked up six famous recipes from places like Disney World, Taco Bell, and DoubleTree. She's also added some other fun additions to the cooking series like a Peanut Butter Bread recipe after it went viral on reddit for being from a 1930s Canadian cookbook, and a Black Raspberry Bean Dip from one of her favorite spots in her college town of Manhattan, Kansas. During each episode, Morgan2 walks through the steps of the recipe and then taste tests the final product to see if it's really like the original recipes.

Check out all of the Food World: Quarantine Edition episodes below and if you want to make one of the recipes, just screenshot the ingredients list and recipe at the end of each episode.

Episode 3: So Long Saloon & Taco Lucha's (Manhattan, Kansas) Black Raspberry Bean Dip

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