TMSG: High School Boys Delivered Flowers To Girls After Prom Cancellation

The coronavirus pandemic has put a damper on a lot of events for 2020 especially for high school seniors across the country. Despite their prom being postponed, the boys of the senior class at one Indianapolis high school still found a way to surprise all of the ladies.

The senior boys of Bishop Chatard High School delivered over 120 flower bouquets to all of the girls in their senior class. Each bouquet came with handwritten notes specific for each one.

One of the seniors Sam Richey told ABC News where the idea came from, "Some of the guys were talking about doing something special for their girlfriends. Then we just wanted to know if we could do something for ever girl." The idea and conversation with another mom inspired parent Amy Beausir to help them by providing her local flower arrangement business to create the bouquets.

Beausir said "The girls were just so bouncy, happy and thrilled because a lot of them didn't know that they were coming. Every girl, even if she didn't get asked to prom, got prom flowers."

For now, Bishop Chatard plans on hosting an in-person prom at a later, safer date.

Photo: Getty Images