TMSG: Volunteers Hold Car Parade To Bring Cheer To Foster Kids

The Court Appointed Special Advocate (Casa) program is helping to bring cheer to foster kids in Washington.

On Friday morning, staff members and volunteers gathered at an elementary school to decorate their cars before heading out to foster homes, where they greeted all of the kids in their program with honks and hellos. Due to COVID-19 guidelines, staying in touch with foster kids has been more difficult than usual. Right now, staff members and volunteers can only see foster kids through phone or video chat.

The program decided to do something special for all of the kids since they're all stuck in their homes all day. A spokesperson for the group told KPTV,

“They're stuck at home all day, and here comes a parade for them. It's been really, really fun and the kids love it. We get messages from the adults in the home that they love it, and it gives a bright spot to everybody's week.”

Photo: Getty Images