TMSG:FedEx Delivery Man Surprised Little Girl With Cupcakes On Her Birthday

FedEx worker Jodan Price was delivering a package for the Paternoster's when he found out it was someone in the house's special day.

Emma was celebrating her 6th birthday when Price came to deliver a package. She opened the door expecting to be met with a gift, but was disappointed when it turned out to be a package for her father. Emma's mother told him "Sorry! We may be seeing a lot of you today... it's her birthday!" Price acknowledged young Emma with a "happy birthday" before he went back to his car and drove away.

Less than an hour later Price returned to the Paternoster's with cupcakes from Dairy Queen for the birthday girl. Emma's mother told CNN that they had never met Price before this day. When he gave her the cupcakes, Emma's mother said he didn't have to do that, to which he replied, "She should be at her friends and her teacher today at school. I just wanted to do something a little more special because if we weren't in this situation, she'd be with her friends."