TMSG: Two Students Organize "We Are Well" Virtual Prom For HS Seniors

18-year-old Hannah Lucas and her brother 15-year-old Charlie realized that many young people were frustrated and upset due to the COVID-19 outbreak. They are the founders of the "notOK App" for mental health support, which offers young people suffering with mental health issues a way to reach out if they are not ok.

So the siblings decided to expand that idea to help those in Lucas' senior class. They came up with the idea to hold the "WE ARE WELL PROM" to help seniors feel less alone during this crazy time. They hosted it on Instagram Live to more than 500 high school seniors which featured music and dancing DJed by DJ Jazzy Jeff, along with a digital red carpet. The evening also featured celebrity appearances by Netflix's Logan Allen and actor Max Jenkins.

The siblings reached out to celebrities on social media and were eventually contacted by Ivy McGregor, the CEO of IvyInk and Beyoncé's director of social responsibility, who offered to help. And CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey was another one who helped with fundraising, so the two were able to give away more than $40K in cash grants that students could use toward tuition, books, laptops, internet access, therapy, or other basics throughout the special evening.

Hannah shared with NBC News, "I'm so incredibly thankful and grateful for that, having so many people support us during this time, so many big companies. I'm grateful. [...] Just being able to help those teenagers, it's a dream come true. I am still on a high."

Photo: Getty Images