During 1st Audition For 'This Is Us,' Chrissy Metz Thought She Was Terrible

Chrissy Metz was thrown into stardom when NBC's 'This Is Us' first season aired. However, getting to that point wasn't always an easy road. And since the show's multiple seasons and massive fanbase, Metz has started to take on new career journeys. During her virtual interview with The Bobby Bones Show, Metz shared exactly what her first interview on 'This Is Us' was like, plus which country artist wrote her new single.

Metz was a talent agent for nine years, during that time she sent many people to big auditions. However, her friend is the reason behind her auditioning for 'This Is Us.' Her friend messaged her about an upcoming role in a pilot and thought Metz was perfect for it. So she ended up applying for it and got into the first audition. When she arrived at Sony Studios, she felt like she was in a Disney musical because the birds were "birdier," the sky was blue, and everyone kept saying "Good Morning!" to her. During that first audition, she read the scene with Kevin's Character where Kate just fell off the scale and injured her ankle. While doing the scene, Metz remembers thinking that she was a terrible actor and didn't know what she was doing there. Despite her feelings, Metz got the call back and got through enough rounds to do a test day, where she had to test with 5 different individuals playing Kevin. As if that was hard enough, Metz had to do another full test day after they were stuck on a decision. She ended up getting the role and they shot the pilot. Then Metz and the rest of the cast had to wait 6 months to see if the plot was going to get the green light for a full season. Now the show plans to film for six seasons.

After 'This Is Us' completes all of its filming, Metz plans to move to Nashville to pursue her singing career. Until then though, that hasn't stopped Metz from putting out music. She's been commuting to Nashville from Los Angeles to do songwriting sessions on her own dime. The song she just put out "Talking To God" was co-written by country artist Ashley McBryde during one of McBryde's writing retreats. A friend was at the retreat and sent the song to Metz immediately when she heard it. Metz thought it was the perfect song for her to put out. She said whenever she sings it, she is reminded of the things she learned from her previous marriage and the things she wishes she would have done differently. The song is a reminder to her about doing better constantly, who she used to be, and who she is becoming.

It wasn't until an accidental audition with her friend that Metz decided she wanted to pursue music. She shared that she went to an audition with her friend at a hotel in Florida around age 19, where she was convinced to audition as well. During that audition she knew she wanted to pursue a career in music. When she started working with her manager, her manager suggested that Metz put music on the back burner and focus on acting. Back in 2007, Metz even auditioned for 'American Idol.' She shared that she waited many hours at the San Diego audition and even got 3rd degree sunburn while waiting. When she finally got to audition for the first round judges, the judge she sang for told her that it wasn't going to be her year. Metz didn't believe that though, she told him she thought he was wrong. Some other judges heard the commotion and let Metz audition again for them, where they gave her a ticket to the next round. She made it through a few of the rounds, but never got through to the actual judges.

The lines of music and acting have always been blurred for Metz. She confessed that she sings more than she talks and certainly sings on set of 'This Is Us' and it's between her and Chris Sullivan, who plays the character Toby, for who sings the most on set. But now that Metz acting career is booming, she wants to direct her focus again on her music.