Travis Denning Nails Cover Of Miranda Lambert's "Kerosene"

Just ahead of his EP release Beer's Better Colder, Travis Denning stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to share his top three favorite beers, plus perform an awesome cover of Miranda Lambert's "Kerosene."

When asked about his top 3 favorite beers, Denning joked "an open one, a free one, and a grass cuttin' one." After making a super relatable joke, Denning said that his top 3 favorites are actually Miller Lite, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, and Makin' Progress Beer from Georgia. Denning doesn't just enjoy beer though, he likes a refreshing Mango White Claw when he eats steak.

Aside from the fun talk about beer and his drink choices, Denning is on the verge of getting his first number one with "After A Few." Currently the song is in the top 5 on country radio charts. Just in time for him to drop his EP tomorrow (May 15).