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Craig Morgan Feels Like He Runs Marathon Every Time He Sings This One Song

Craig Morgan is set to drop another album tomorrow called God Family Country. He virtually stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to talk all about the music on it, his time in the army and the one song that's difficult for him to perform.

Before Morgan became a successful country artist, he served 17 years in the army. For 9.5 years he served as a member of two different divisions and then remained in the reserves for another 6.5 years. In recent years, Morgan has been spending time at army bases across the world performing for soldiers. His army career and his time spent with other soldiers on the bases is one of the inspirations behind his recording of Gavin DeGraw's song "Solider." He says he felt a need to record this song because he feels like it represents all soldiers well.

Morgan's new album out tomorrow will feature five new songs and five newly remastered songs from Morgan's past catalog. One of the songs on the album, "The Father, My Son, And The Holy Ghost" was inspired by his late son. Morgan shared that this song was the most difficult song he's ever written. He wrote the song alone, but gave all of the credit to God. He said it was like God knew what he needed to write and for the four hours while writing the song, he cried. He confessed that the song will always be difficult for him to perform, but seeing how much it impacts people when he does perform it makes all of the pain worth it. They are the reason he will sing through the pain and he's very thankful for all of those inspired sharing their stories with him through social media. He said that he only performs the song for special live shows rather than every single one because it takes so much of his energy that he feels like he just ran a marathon.

To celebrate his new album and Memorial Day, Morgan will be on "Opry" via Circle All Access Saturday night to perform. You can watch it on Bobby Bones Show's Facebook Page or Circle All Access Facebook Page at 8/7 a.m. CT.