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Kid Rock Did Not Bail Morgan Wallen Out Of Jail After Recent Arrest

Morgan Wallen just scored his third number 1 with his song "Chasin' You" at the same time some events in Nashville got Wallen arrested. Wallen virtually came on The Bobby Bones Show to talk about what went down the night of his arrest.

It's been about a week since the news broke of Wallen getting kicked out of Kid Rock's bar on Broadway, arrested, and charged with public intoxication and disorderly conduct. First, Wallen admitted that the whole night is pretty fuzzy. He continued by sharing that he and his friends decided to get together after being cooped up in quarantine. During their outing together in Nashville, Wallen said that things got more rowdy than usual. He confessed that normally his reputation for being rowdy is fun-loving. As far as he remembers, he met some fans who bought him a shot, and when he finished it, he slammed it on the bar and that's when the glass was broken.

As much as fans wanted to believe that Kid Rock bailed Wallen out of jail, that wasn't the case. Wallen said he didn't bail him out of jail, but he did meet him the next evening inviting Wallen out to his place. While hanging at his place, Wallen apologized for things happening at Kid Rock's bar, and Kid Rock was cool about the situation noting "things happen." The picture on Wallen's Instagram happened out here and Wallen joked with Bobby Bones, "I guess you have to get kicked out of Kid Rock's bar to finally meet him."

Although Wallen's reputation is about getting rowdy, his upbringing in Sneedville, Tennessee proves there is definitely another side to Wallen. He grew up with his dad as a pastor, and lived in a town with less than a 1,000 people. Even now with three number 1 songs on his belt as an artist, Wallen confessed that being rich or having any money is still a foreign thought to him. He continued by labeling himself as "frugal." And despite having seen most of the world thanks to touring, Wallen says his hometown is still his favorite place.