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Answered Prayers. Open Conversations. Country Music & Race. Taking a Stand.

FIRST THING: So with all of the confusion and emotions running high, how do we navigate these times? Amy shares a viral Facebook post about answered prayers and how open conversations about race are exactly what we need to start healing our country. SECOND THING: Amy plays a clip of her Pastor Matt Smallbone{@mattsmallbone} and youth Pastor Charles’ sermon on racism and his views as a black man. This is an eye opening conversation and a great reminder of how important it is to listen and learn. THIRD THING: What is it like being a black country music fan? Rachel Berry{@rberry313} is here to read her instagram post about her experiences attending country concerts as a black woman. Her testimony definitely brings some issues to light and were so thankful to her for sharing her story. FOURTH THING: Taking a stand for what you believe in may not make you the most popular. It will probably bring some opposition, but Amy shares why she will continue to create a space for these discussions and important topics. She also shares a listeners email with a great practical tip to help us learn how to shift our perspective. 


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(Episode 154)

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