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TMSG: Couple Married 67 Years Reunites After Wife Beats Coronavirus

Joyce and Don Hoffman have been married for 67 years. The two have been living together in an assisted living facility in Indianapolis when Joyce came down with COVID-19 on May 1.

The two of them had to separate to keep Don from catching the virus, and they were apart for one month, the longest they'd ever been apart in their marriage. Thankfully, Joyce only suffered minor symptoms.

So once Joyce recovered, their assisted living facility celebrated the news with a "graduation from coronavirus." Lines of staff gathered to cheer her on, and at the end they surprised Don, who didn't know he'd be reunited with his wife.

"You look so wonderful... so beautiful" were the words Don told his wife when they were finally reunited. They held hands and staff helped lift Joyce so they could embrace. Joyce replied with an adorable, "How can you be so cute?" to Don. The two of them are both 90-years-old.

Photo: Getty Images