Bobby Bones Casually Says His Girlfriend Caitlin Is "The One"

Recently, Bobby Bones was doing an Instagram Q&A on his Instagram Stories. He was answering ten questions from listeners.

During the Q&A, someone asked Bones if he thought his girlfriend Caitlin was "the one" and Bones replied "Oh yeahhh." Most of the show that saw the post thought Bones was being sarcastic since he didn't really lean his tone one way or another. And he's always said that he uses sarcasm or humor when in uncomfortable situations or with questions he doesn't want to answer. On The Bobby Bones Show today (June 26), Mike D brought up the Instagram Story post from Bones and wanted to know what he meant by it.

Bones said that he meant it and there was no sarcasm. He said that she wouldn't be moving in with him if he didn't think she was the one. Hear his full remarks on his girlfriend and their relationship above.