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Inner Beauty. Addressing Racism. Myers Briggs. Mindfulness & Moving.

FIRST THING: We're excited to have Amy's friends on this episode! To start it off, Kelly Henderson {@velvetsedge} is on to talk about ‘how to teach young girls that they are beautiful’. Kelly just interviewed Cassidy Bentley on her podcast, The Velvet's Edge, about this topic and they discussed how we can try to be proactive in making a positive impact on young girls and their body image. SECOND THING: Caroline Hobby {@carohobby} shares her journey of learning about systemic racism and how she is bringing this new knowledge into her life. Be sure to check out her episode of 'Get Real with Caroline Hobby' featuring Amara Hall & Amara's mom. THIRD THING: Abby Smyers {@abbysmyers} is on to talk about one of her favorite personality tests: Myers Briggs!! Abby also shares her journey of working with animal rescue groups & fostering dogs. FOURTH THING: Last but not least, Amy and Lisa Hayim {@thewellnecessities} are both in the same season of Lisa shares her approach of bringing in mindfulness to her daily spaces and having gratitude for where she has been and where she is going. They also go over questions to ask yourself when organizing your home, so this is not just for when you're moving. 


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(Episode 160)

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