Cole Swindell Has Been Focused On His Music Rather Than A Relationship

Cole Swindell dropped his latest single "Single Saturday Night" and has been keeping himself busy in quarantine with lots of songwriting for next album. He stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to talk about his quarantine activities, his current relationship status and other random bits of information.

Swindell confessed that he's not dating much right now, he's just singing about love. But that doesn't mean he isn't looking for something, he just said that he's always keeping himself busy with music. He hopes that maybe 2021 will be the year he finds someone to settle down with.

During their chat, Bobby Bones said he believes that Swindell is definitely an underrated artist in the industry right now. He has 9 number 1 hits, but only one major win under his belt as "New Artist Of The Year" a few years back. Swindell confessed that he does get disappointed sometimes, but he tries to focus on the positives in his career.

On some random notes, Swindell confessed that he likes to enjoy White Claws and doesn't think men drinking them is "unmanly." He also shared that if he had a $10,000 gift card, he'd spend it at a golf shop because he loves golf.