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Eddie Tested Positive For Coronavirus

Since returning from his vacation in Destin, Florida, Eddie has been self-quarantining at a room in house due to showing some symptoms of the coronavirus.

After a week of waiting for his results, Eddie finally got the news everyone has been waiting for. He shared on The Bobby Bones Show (July 20) that he will not be in for a few more weeks because he tested positive for coronavirus. He shared that he's feeling much better, but he still can't smell things and he has some congestion in his chest. Otherwise, he's doing well and in good spirits. He's been quarantined away from his family and none of them are experiencing any symptoms. However, his mother-in-law that was watching the kids for Eddie and his wife while they were away, is feeling some symptoms.

He will have to be away from the show until he's had two coronavirus tests come back negative, which most likely means at least two weeks.