Luke Combs Says If Big Wedding Plans Fail, They'd Get Married Privately

Luke Combs is kept up in his house like the rest of the country due to the coronavirus pandemic. He shared on The Bobby Bones Show what he's been up to during his personal quarantine, and what's happening with his big wedding plans.

Combs shared that he really hasn't left his house besides for a few important, work related things. He also noted that he's been writing a ton of new songs, which he's been excited about since he really hasn't had the time to sit down and just write. One thing he went out to do was record his emotional coronavirus-related song "Six Feet Apart" in the studio. Combs said that the experience was neat and weird all at the same time. During his big songwriting ventures right now, Combs confessed that he tends to know right after a write is finished if the song is going to end up being recorded by him or be passed off for the potential of another artist to cut it.

Despite all of his songwriting efforts, Combs just had his first number one as a songwriter with Carly Pearce and Lee Brice's song "I Hope You're Happy Now." They wrote the song almost two years ago, and the song remains one of the only songs cut from his co-writes. He shared that there is a stigma with his songs, that if he puts something out to other artists, they believe it wasn't good enough for him so it's probably not a great song.

Bobby Bones got an update from Combs on a few other things outside of his music ventures. Combs shared that his wedding to fiancé Nicole is still happening this fall as of now, but even if things don't go as planned, Combs admitted that they wouldn't be against doing the wedding privately. He also discussed his next Crocs shoe collaboration. He told Bones that he decided almost everything when it came to the special edition shoes. He doesn't ever want to just put his name on something, without him putting the work in for it so it's authentically him.