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Blake Shelton Didn't Rule Out Duets Album With Girlfriend Gwen Stefani

Just days after dropping his second collaboration with girlfriend Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton came on The Bobby Bones Show to talk about their recent collaboration, quarantine life in Oklahoma, and some of his next career moves. Shelton wasn't able to come into the studio because he hasn't left Oklahoma at all since the coronavirus pandemic hit and everyone has been in self-quarantine. He called from his car that was pulled over on the side of the highway while driving with Stefani.

Bobby Bones asked Shelton if he was worried at all about releasing back to back collaborations with Stefani, first "Nobody But You," then on Friday (July 24) dropping "Happy Anywhere," but despite some initial hesitation he shared that he just wanted to put out the best songs possible and this song is one they were excited to get out there. Since that's already two songs with Shelton and Gwen on them, Bones asked if there's a possible collaboration album coming in the future. Shelton shared that he doesn't think that would happen, and added that he's not sure if he would even do another album at all. He confessed that he loves just putting out a bunch of singles. But all hope is not lost, he said it's still possible that the two of them end up doing a lot of duets together in the coming years and those eventually turn into an album.

As far as quarantine and no touring goes, Shelton says he actually doesn't miss the road at all. He's been touring for over 20 years and despite the unusual circumstances, he's not hating that he's being forced to spend time at home. He said that maybe he will miss touring, but right now he's really enjoying getting to be at home and "watching the seasons change." Things will be picking back up for Shelton though, starting next week he will be traveling to Los Angeles, California to start shooting the next season of NBC's The Voice. Shelton said he's not sure what that looks like yet, but as far as he knows they are going to try to tape the blind auditions with safety precautions in place and no audience.

In talking with Bones, Shelton even shared some details about his relationship with Stefani. He shared that she's helped him look good at home for his virtual tapings by dying his hair so you can't see his gray hair. Not only that, he shared an adorable romantic detail. He told Bones that it took him about 2 months after he and Stefani began dating for him to say "I love you" in the heat of the moment.