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'American Idol' Was Only Competition Lauren Alaina Lost In Younger Years

Lauren Alaina just announced earlier this week that she has a new EP Getting Over Him dropping on September 4th. She stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to talk about the upcoming new album and perform her song "Getting Good."

While in the studio, she talked about how her singing career started at a young age. When she was just 8-years-old, Alaina's mother got her into a pageant, where she just performed in the talent show rather than partaking in the whole pageant. Alaina ended up winning the talent portion, but to this day she's still shocked that her mother allowed her to perform the particular song she chose. She performed Christina Aguilera's "Genie In A Bottle" and it wasn't until Alaina was up on stage performing that her mother realized just what her 8-year-old was singing about. Alaina told the story to Bobby Bones and his crew, still laughing at the memory. Alaina went on to perform in many talent shows and pageants in the years that followed, and as it turns out American Idol was the only competition she's ever lost. Regardless of her winning edge on competitions, she said that every week she still packed her bag as if she was going to lose.

Fast forward to her life now, Alaina shared some big news on her EP dropping in the coming months. She said they will be sharing at least 3 songs in advance of the album coming out, two of them will be "Run" and her collaboration with Lukas Graham "What Do You Think Of." Alaina also commented on her constant need to post puns on social media. She said that originally it was just a fun thing for her to write captions in puns, but then when she would post things without puns, her fans would get angry. So now she won't ever post anything without a pun, it's intertwined into her brand. She even confessed that most of the times she comes up with the captions on the spot, sometimes with the help of friends, but she always gets her puns approved by a group text message to be sure there's nothing bad in them.