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Josh Turner Shares Story Behind The One Interaction He Had With Johnny Cash

Ahead of dropping his album Country State Of Mind, Josh Turner stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to share all of the details about the new record and bring special guest, Randy Travis, with him to perform "Forever and Ever, Amen."

Turner is celebrating his musical heroes on Country State Of Mind dropping on August 21st. The album features 12 songs that are popular hits and deep cuts from his influences like Randy Travis, Johnny Cash, John Anderson, and Hank Williams. Not only that, Turner collaborated with other artists for the project like Chris Janson, Maddie & Tae, Runaway June, Randy Travis, John Anderson, Kris Kristofferson, and Allison Moorer. Turner revealed that he was the one who contacted all of his fellow country artists, but Moorer, about being on the record.

Johnny Cash was one of the major influences on Turner. So much so that Turner actually went to his house to meet him for the first time. Turner confirmed the 'Urban Legend' story about the two of them meeting. He shared that his heart fluttered when he walked up to the door and Cash opened it. The two spent a few minutes together in which Turner confessed his appreciation for Cash. In turn, Cash reminded Turner that we're all human. Turner shared that after their encounter, when he left the house, he broke down crying because of how much their meeting meant to him.

Aside from his new album being dedicated to his musical influences, Turner shared with Bobby Bones that he also looked up to certain artists and their vocal tones like Trace Adkins, Randy Travis, Vince Gill, Tim McGraw and Oak Ridge Boys. In fact, Turner tried to mimic their tones so much so it's what led him to injure his vocal chords in 1996. His injured vocal chords are the reason he came to Nashville to go to Vanderbilt for surgery and recovery. It was after that surgery's recovery that led Turner to have the depth and texture in his voice that so many fans recognize.

During his time on The Bobby Bones Show, Turner performed his big hit "Your Man" and then brought Randy Travis into the studio to perform "Forever And Ever, Amen" together.