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Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd Opened Up About Being New Parents

Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd are famous in the country world for their talents, but all they're really focused on is their new baby boy. Morris and Hurd welcomed their first child together earlier this year and they're still feeling the waves of new parent life. They stopped by The Bobby Bones Show together to talk about being new parents and how they've been spending their time in quarantine.

The pandemic stopped any tours from happening in 2020 which meant country artists got to spend time at home with their families. Morris and Hurd are no different, they shared that they've been focused on their parent duties while being stuck at home. Hurd shared that he's been writing songs a lot on Zoom and Morris admitted that she's attempted to. However, Morris has been on maternity leave and hasn't had much time for writing. The two haven't been able to write together either due to the fact that one of them has to be watching the baby while the other works.

Morris confessed that the recovery since having her baby has been difficult. She said that she's struggled with not being able to workout, the tour being rescheduled and the pandemic happening all at the same time. She noted a positive side of being a new mom is getting to join "a club of moms," where she can now relate to the friends in her life who have kids.

Morris and Hurd also opened up about the 30 hours of labor and eventual c-section Morris had to endure. She shared that while obviously it was all really difficult and a c-section isn't what they wanted, at the end it came down to getting their baby out safely. Hurd agreed and shared that he was really nervous for Morris and their baby during the entire labor. While they were up at the hospital, Morris and Hurd couldn't have any visitors because when they were there, it was the first week they were really cracking down with coronavirus. They both agreed that the entire process they went through from the labor and the hospital time was really difficult on them.

The two shared their thoughts on their latest hit songs. For Morris, "The Bones" really hit its peak during quarantine, so she hasn't had a chance to perform the song live while all of her fans were constantly listening to it. However, she's happy that despite not being able to tour, the song still performed well enough to be on several formats, other than just country radio. And for Hurd, his song "To A T" topped country radio before the pandemic, but it was the first time his song hit the top of the chart as the artist. He shared that when he was touring, he saw people leave his concert after he performed "To A T," because they only came for that song.