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Answering Your Questions (The 5th Thing)

This is Amy’s ‘5th Thing’ (a bonus episode). ‘4 Things With Amy Brown’ comes out every Thursday, but on Tuesdays Amy shares emails from you guys and answers questions y’all have sent in. On today’s episode Amy addresses: an inspiring short story someone emailed in about gratitude, a couple of her favorite snacks (and some food freedom talk), a good retinol cream recommendation, and the app she uses to track her period cycle. P.S. heads up that @shopespwa’s #4things FALL pullover sweatshirts (2 premade options: burnt orange & maroon) will be released THIS Saturday (Sept. 12th). for links to shop the sweatshirts & more! Feel good knowing your purchases are currently supporting @myLIFEspeaks in Neply, Haiti.

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