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These Are The Shows' Picks For Best 90s Country Songs

During The Bobby Bones Show today (September 9), a listener left a voicemail for the crew. She wanted to know what everyone on the show would choose for their favorite 90s country song. For listeners of 90s country, it's really hard to narrow things down as most of the songs are classic hits.

The show members were able to narrow it down to share their favorite 90s country song along with Bobby Bones sharing his top 3 of all time. Amy was not on the show due to her daughter being sick, but Bones made a pretty solid assumption for which song she would choose. Listen to them all below!

Amy's Song (As Chosen By Bobby for Amy):

George Strait "Love Without End, Amen"

Eddie's Song:

Tim McGraw's "Something Like That"

Lunchbox's Song:

Toby Keith's "How Do You Like Me Now?"

Morgan's Song:

Shania Twain "Man! I Feel Like A Woman"

Raymundo's Song:

Billy Ray Cyrus "Achy Breaky Heart"