TMSG: Delivery Driver Saves Senior Dog From Drowning

John Cassabria was out delivering packages in Massachusetts when he noticed an animal was struggling to stay afloat in the backyard pool.

He told WBZ-TV, "I saw what looked like a snout and at that moment my heart sank." As soon as he realized it was the customer's dog and the dog was in trouble, he immediately went into the pool after him. Cassabria had his phone, wallet, and watch on, but to him none of that mattered in that moment.

According to the dog's owner Julie Caldwell, Luka is a 14-year-old pup that has issues with his hind legs. She told the news outlet that Luka doesn't swim and their dog wouldn't have lasted long in the pool had Cassabria not rescued him.

Not only did Cassabria rescue the dog, he stayed with Luka for an hour and a half before the scheduled dog sitter arrived. Caldwell wrote into Amazon letting them know she can't thank Cassabria enough for rescuing Luka, "Words cannot express how grateful we are to him. In fact I have tears in my eyes as I write this email. Luka is doing fine thanks to your wonderful and courageous employee."

Photo: Getty Images